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@michael-rutherford hi! You could have a look at some other palette examples for inspiration. This one ( used a single piece as its example, this one ( used many smaller pieces, while this one mixed analytical info about the palette with a game mockup (

The info you have at the moment is very useful, but it takes too much space: I'd only keep some of that data and add more art to the example. The sprites you have on the bottom left corner are a good start imo.

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RE: Palette Feedback

@ash-wednesday it's looking very nice, maybe you could merge a few colours? For example that bright red near the salmon-ish orange and the colour on its right are quite similar and you could optimize them a little bit

I'd also rebalance a few ramps if possible, sometimes there's a peak in saturation or a quite big distance in contrast while the don't. For example:
Here that saturated blue doesn't connect very well to the light blues on the right in my opinion, I'd try to find a better middle ground.

Last thing, I can't really tell with my eyes but these grays don't seem to have a slight hue in them (aka their hex value is made of the same digit)
I'd try to give them a more visible tint, but I think that's really up to you.

Overall, I really like the palette, it has some unexpected hue shifts in the middle of ramps, which would probably make for some interesting accents in the art made with it. Keep it up 🙂

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RE: The "Introductions" Thread

Hey all!
I'm Rémy🍬, I've been making short lo-res games since 2015! I've been particularly prolific with the Pico-8 and I've been working on my own game engine since 2018!

I'm now one half of PUNKCAKE Délicieux, where we make and release a new whole game every month!

Lospec has been a wonderful resource so far, I can't wait for this community aspect to flesh out more!

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Metavaxx, the cellular minesweeper-shooter is out not! 🔬

Hi everyone!

Motion Twin co-founder Benjamin Soulé and myself are forming up PUNKCAKE Délicieux, and we're releasing a whole new game every month as part of a Patreon subscription!

We just released our second game: Metavaxx! A minesweeper X shooter hybrid where you are tasked to train the ultimate vaccine! Here is the trailer for it:

It features:

  • 🔫 tight shooter action
  • 🧩 classic minesweeper thinking
  • 🤔 strategic decision making
  • 💪 25 different body samples to cure
  • 🧬 20 unique upgrades to choose after each level
  • 🥼 6 laboratories giving you a unique boost for your playthrough
  • 🎲 randomized gameplay for considerable replayability
  • 🎶 chiptune music by the amazing Pentadrangle
  • 📝 name your own vaccine (and the game)

Metavaxx is available now on Itch io for 6$, or you can get it by subscribing to our Patreon for 3€ before we release our next game next month!

And here are a few screenshots!

weird biphasic gameplay at the intersection of puzzle games and action games!

25 different body samples to cure!

it's not so gross when you forget that you're inside body samples!


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RE: Building Large Pieces From Prefab Chunks, A Pixel Art Technique

Cool! I've seen people on the internet refer to this techinque as "organic tiling", Owlboy is famous for it:
alt text

A while ago I tried the technique myself with decent results:


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RE: Find any cool games recently?

It's pretty well known, but I'm loving the Dark Souls series lately. They're great games that always surprise the player with their design choices.

Another lovely game I played lately is Florence, it's an interactive novel about the first love of a 25 years old woman; it doesn't last much but I loved it.

What about yours?

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RE: Palette Feedback

@alligator07 the palette and example are both very nice imo 🙂
I like how the orange interacts with the light green, maybe it could have a slightly higher value to increase the contrast between the two a little bit? But I think that's just a personal preference

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RE: What makes your pixel art style unique?

I dislike the idea of having a "style", sounds extremely restrictive. So I make whatever I feel like, not really a common style across any of my pieces high spec or pixels.

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RE: What is your pixel editor of choice, and why?


  • The UI is great
  • The customizability of your workspace is great
  • I love the space bar menu
  • Has a portable version / does not require an installation
  • Not bloated af
  • Simple
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