Tried Textmode

new1.png Tried out Textmode art recently, this was the result (did one experimental one before this). Feel free to give thoughts/comments/critique etc, enjoy!

Cool work already!


@taks Thank you!

looks great, i love the colors and style, and the scene is very readable. I like the use of lots of full squares, makes it very chonky and almost pixel art like, but pleasant and unique. having some bigger blocks of solid color is probably what helped it remain so clean.

hope to see more!

@skeddles Thanks a lot! I'm mainly a pixel artist so i guess it shows through lol, also forgot to add to the post that the palette is a default Playscii one.

wow i like it really love those bright colors you have in this palette

Love it, it looks great! Only thing I'd recommend is being more adventurous with the characters you pick (more text characters for instance). Hope to see more 🙂

@ckelsallpxls If i do more i'll keep that in mind, and thank you!

@orange-hair-boi Thanks! Not my palette though, it's a default Playscii one.

Love it, especially the bird wings. Like Chris says, pop out some more text chars and really lean into the medium. I really like how vibrant it is!