PAID - Cute Pixel Art Creatures

This is a paid, long term 'ON-DEMAND art commissions role' if it can be filled properly with the right pixel artist.


  1. We are Cute Crushies NFT Blockchain Game - - Please learn about NFTs and Blockchain games first if you don't know what that is

  2. Cute Crushies are adorable creatures that go adventuring

  3. We are a team of pixel artists but would love to have a skilled person to assist with work load as we have more crushies planned, more items like food and much more for the game needed. Assets!

$80 per new house template design -- more on this later.

$50 per new vehicle template design -- see our current vehicles and style, colors used, etc. This is also an animated asset and an example with layers also provided.

$25 per new template design -- this is a fully animated under 12 frame asset. An example file fully animated can be provided (Aseprite file).

$5-10 per small 32x32 item design -- this is a static item, like food.

Although we would like to use one artist who gets to know our style of pixel art and themes in Cute Crushies, this is an on-demand type of affair.

For example, when we reach out to you via Telegram or Discord, we'll say "We'd like a new static food item to be created. Can you work on this? $5 for it."

Payment can be done in USD via Paypal, crypto is also open to us. Wax payment would be very easy to us so that is an option. On completion preferred but we are open to discuss.

No deadline at this time, just adding art assets to the project as we are able.

Just a small team of pixel artists working on a game!

-Our telegram handle is @cutecrushies
-Private message us or email checked though)

Cute Creatures NFT Blockchain Game