Poker Cards - part 2 [Problems with typography]

Hello, guys!

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For ppl who don't know what I doI have made my own pixel cards to spread them around the world in the future.
Here, I am going to divide this topic into several parts to post new updates


I think you remember the first paragraph of my plan:

  • The giveaway for people who live in Russia and CIS. During that time, to understand how to sell and deliver to customers worldwide.

The typography I negotiated for long have let me down! In 2 weeks of usage my cards I noticed that the cardboard box was completely frayed, and the laminate on the back of each card began to flake off 😠


Then I asked my typography about these problems and they answered that it it okay because their laminate doesn't adhere well to black paint, though they hadn't told me it before I ordered the test deck!!!😡 VERY COOL!

I was so angry and nervous a week before the giveaway, because I had to start a stream soon to choose 3 winners but what I only had is a piece of shit in my hands! When I showed my cards in the previous topic they really looked nice but not now.

During this period, fortunately, I have found another foreign card maker which has a big plant in Russia! I really liked how its manager showed interest and told in detail how and what they do. The main thing is that it is a professional card maker and not an ordinary printing house, which made me very happy :ah:

I ordered its samples of different materials to check them out. By the way, I froze the giveaway until I received the high-quality deck, which is not a shame not only to sell, but also to give away for free! 😉


Am I sorry it happened? On the one hand, yes, because I had to put off the giveaway, a lot of people in Russia and CIS were waiting for long!
On the other hand, now, I communicate with professionals who dedicated me to the topic of making playing cards, so I learned a lot for myself!

Wish me good luck and wait for new posts!