New album Incoming (SPOILER!!!)

Hello everyone!
If you do not know me, I introduce myself, I am BlackedBit, and I also chiptune, I am relatively new.
Well, I can say that I have forged my own style of chiptune, this time I am producing an album that mixes several inspired styles such as breakcore, traumacore, witch house, jungle, drum & bass and some grunge and post-rock with tones of choir.
This song is called "Yeah, it's my last birthday", from the next album called "POST MORTEM"

Also, you can find 2 other spoilers on Soundcloud 🙂

In case you're wondering, I'm inspired by Sewerslvt and Akira Yamaoka.
Tell me, are there more chiptune artists who make similar styles? It would be great to hear them 😄