trying to be gamedev. any tips?

i would really like it if someone gave me tips. i'm just starting out, so it would be nice if i got some help.

the best tip that i can give you is to try making small projects to practice, game jams are good to this

thanks for the advice! i'll be sure to try that out!

Start with small projects, game jams are amazing, have fun!

Nevah give up!!

A professional game developer here.

First of all, don't give up

and try to make things. I've made multiple small, sometimes stupid things in Unity. I started with game dev without any programming skills, I learned it along the way.

Pick an engine

There are a lot of engines on the market, Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot and many more. But I would focus on 2 of them, Unity and Unreal Engine. They are the leaders in the market with huge community.


Unity is a very powerful engine, great both for 2D and 3D, with fairly low learning curve.

Unity uses C# for scripting. Great language, pretty easy to learn.

Unreal Engine

UE is usually called the 'AAA games engine' and associated with bigger projects, but I saw a lot of people using it for smaller stuff. I never actually used it, so I can't recommend or not.

Unreal Engine uses C++ and blueprints (visual scripting).

Learning resources

(Since I have experience with Unity, I'll recommend resources associated with it)

Unity has a fantastic learning section I really recommend checking it out.

Also YouTube is great place to look at, here is list of nice channels

Game Dev position

You don't need to be a programmer to go into game dev, you can learn to make art, sound, level design or any other skill associated with this area and be successful. No matter what you decide to focus on, it's good to know how the engine works and how to import, test and assemble things inside it.

Here is a list of free tools you can use for game development:




If you have any more questions, feel free to ask 🙂
Good Luck!

thank you! i'm going to look into Unity and Unreal. I've recently been testing stuff out in Construct 3, and these seem much more versatile and useful.