At what point does pixel art no longer become pixel art?

I scroll on twitter quite frequently in my spare time, and most of the people I follow now are indeed pixel artists, so I see their posts, posts they like and their retweets of course. Some of which is categorized as pixel art, but from what I can tell some people don't agree.

In your opinion, what do you think makes a picture no longer pixel art? Personally, I'm not too sure, which is why I want to pose the question to this community. There are indeed some pieces that I've seen that I would not categorize as pixel art.

  • Canvas Size?
  • PPI? (Pixels Per Inch)
  • Too many colors?

Pixel art is all about putting meaning behind each pixel since it's such a small scale. I believe size of canvas is irrelevant in determining whether something is pixel art or not so I'd pay more attention to the intent and whether there's an actual reason for certain pixels to be arranged in the way they are.

For example, Songs of Conquest by Yes I Do is 1024x514 but is clearly pixel art.

Also I don't think color count should be a big part of deciding. You can have a lot of colors but how they're used is more important. Additionally, high color count usually occurs with beginning pixel artists and they'll eventually learn to how to use less and be more effective with less.