The "Introductions" Thread

sup! My name is luciano, but u can call me slug, too! i'm a video game composer, 2D and 3D artist and beginner gamedev from argentina! nice to meet ya! 😉

Hello, I am a bum. I do bum things.

Hello I am Ian Huerta, just coming to view things.

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah, i've been doing pixel art for a while now. Always neat to see new pixel artists! :ayy:

I'm pixeling for the pixel dailies (not the lospec one, sorry! ^^') prompts on reddit. Even though I don't practice them actively, gaming and game development are the hobbies I have the most enthusiastic interest in. Programmer by trade. Currently working on my own palette, too... 👨🏾🎨🖼
Nice to meet you! 🙂

Restrictions summon creativity!

I'm bloo and I have pixelled for 10 years on and off now. I like surreal stuff and megaman. I can't see red or green.
trans rights are human rights

hello I am chikuapu (chiku, chikuwa)
I am new to pixel art but i have been doing digital art for a while, hopefully I can carry over some skills
I had always seen pixel art and be amazed by how so much can be done with limit on pixels, but through colours and placement the art come to life.
Nice to meet you


I am working on pixel NFTs and a game that uses pixel art.

I am posting medium articles on how to create NFTs with links to Lospec. I was going to use piskelapp but I liked Lospec's free pixel editor better. ❤ the layers.

It's all starting right now, so I'll release more information as it comes.

Hey there! I'm Partheo, or Parr. I started out as a spriter for Space Station 13, a little open-source multiplayer game I really enjoy. Wasn't very good, but I got a lot of practice and ended up moving to full-on pixel art of dragons and other such things. I'm still a novice but love to critique art and help others improve their spriting skills.

Here's my github. It's not very active at the moment, but most of the works I'm proud of are there. I also have a twitter where I post my pixel art.

Haven't done much art lately due to work but I hope to get back into it and really master my skills. Hopefully a lot of pixel dragons from me in the future 🙂

Hey !

I am Max. Just beginning with Pixel art, i find it pretty fun and laid back.
Not really active on social media, but i am very happy to have discover Lospec, the ressources are amazing !

Hello! I am Rei (obviously a made up name). New to the scene here. I enjoy seeing pixel art on the internet and games. But, I am still figuring out how to pixel art, though. Nice meeting you guys :ah:

Hey, I am turesiht aka S JaK! I do pixel art and I like it. Thank you!

Hey, there! I am a great artist known as Kold Monster, but you can call me Michael Rutherford. I usually came up ideas and did something that can be done. I am still drawing and graphing arts. I study some languages, too. I learned history, mathematics & algebra, computer fundamentals and others. Right now digital and pixel art are what I am aiming for. I also experienced in chip tunes, and girls ❤ too. It's been nice to meet you all!

This post is deleted!

hi, no one is going to see this but, hi, my name is Romeo, and I am a dragon/demon pixel art creator and I play the violin and piano, not very well tbh. I also like painting computer mouses 🙂 . I am also currently a hat maker, I make funny looking hats, their GIANT.

Hello all! I'm Mastafran, and I'm a newer pixel artist, comic artist, animator, and game developer, focusing on monochrome Gameboy style pixel art.

Hi :]. i'm https. i'm a very bored student wanting to learn how to draw pixel art again. [i go by she/her.]
looking forward to drawing thing on here! :ayy:

This post is deleted!

Hi I'm Do_Nendo! I am a beginner. I make music too.

Hello, I am Lucas, born in 2005. I like to do pixel art but I started just some time ago, so I'm an amateur 🙂

Hey I'm chirpy! Been doing pixel art for a couple years now!
I also make games and music

Here's my Twitter where I post what I'm currently working on

And my Website Which has links to everything else (Games, Music, Etc.)

Excited to see what yall make here!

Nevah give up!!

I'm terrible at intros so come on a journey with me as I stumble through it.

I'm fairly new to pixel art, started about a year or so ago and I feel like I've learned a lot but would always love feedback. I took fine arts in college and was more accustomed to drawing things with fine liners but once I started doing digital media I became fairly addicted to it.

I want to make a pixel RPG and a roguelike but that's slow going.

Other past times include asking my dog who the good girl is and wood working, because why not.


I am warpixel. Pixel artist and graphic designer with a passion for horror, monsters, dark art, atmospheric pieces and 1bit. I take inspiration from all sorts of things like metal, movies and my own inner darkness.

I also create Twitch Assets like emotes, badges, panels and overlays.
All in the name of pixel art :ayy:


Hi! I'm Riccardo from Italy.
I work in pixelart and occasionally in 3D low poly.
Here is a monkey!
Office Monke 1x.png