The "Introductions" Thread

Here's where you can say hello, who you are, maybe post a link to your social media or website.

Most of you probably already know me, but I'm Adam - been pixeling for a long time, also work as an art professor in real life for my day job. Alongside artwork, I'm a huge fan of soccer, metal music, fitness, and video games. Been helping skeddles with this forum for a bit now and would love to see it succeed - I really miss forum discussion and critique, and would love to see it thrive with Lospec, especially as the gallery emerges and we take over the pixel, voxel, etc. world.

Click this text to check out my website if you don't already know my stuff, and also a link to my Twitter.

My name is skeddles, you've probably never heard of me. I'm known for creating an obscure digital art website called "Lospec".

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Hey, CasualJoe. Amateur pixel-artist, a lurker, and kinda-busy student. I'm also a video-gamer, which is probably taking up time spent actually drawing. If you needed to know one thing about me, it's that I like drawing guns in pixel-art.
Don't really dabble in social media right now, but I'm pretty active on Discord.

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Hi, I'm Brian. I'm a computer programmer and artist-wannabe. Pixel art is one of my favourite things, so I'm here to absorb it into my brains. My first intro before our accounts were all wiped was probably better than this but I forget what I said. :awkward:

My name is Braquen and I haven't done pixel art in a while. When I do, I like making weird palettes for my art.

The name's Soral. I like writing, metal music, Bomberman, and a lot of other stuff. I'd also like to learn to draw and play the guitar at some point.

Looking forward to having some fun here!

Hi I'm Juniper! I do a bit of everything, right now I'm big into pixel art, but I also do game development and music production (learning chiptune as well). :ayy:

Hey all! I'm Ross. I got into pixel art late last year because I was frustrated with my inability to find the resources for a game I wanted to make, and decided to just make them myself. 7 months later, I'm way more focused on art than gamedev, and pixel art has me slowly starting to explore traditional art as well.

I've started doing contract work for a friend of a friend's game, and to get on the level I need to be to keep up with the demands of that, I started doing a daily pixel art series called Gnome of the Day, which is exactly what it sounds like. Been a lot of fun and a great learning experience, even if keeping up with something daily is a major pain.

Glad these forums are getting going! 🙂

Hello! I'm Firaveon, I like making sprites and have just started dabbling in game dev.

I'm Jibs Jerky; I picked up pixel art sometime around January, as one of many new hobbies I've gotten into durring the pandemic.
It's been a lot of fun learning!

Hi, I'm Keth! I do whatever I feel like doing in my free time, which often includes making weird art, music, short demo games, and weird tools.

"Control reality" - Inspirobot

My name is CJ, I am a semi professional artist who specialises in digital and traditional drawings, digital animation and pixel art. I mainly use Lospec for the Dailies and for the Pallette list but I once used the pixel editor.

Hi I don't like using in my real name for some reason so everyone calls me Fishy, I'm a lurker and pretty new to pixel art.
I like weird music and can enjoy almost any video game.

Hey, I'm Joey - me and @adam go way back on pixel art forums like this, so it's cool to see Lospec bringing them back for a new generation, haha. I'm primarily a musician/composer, though I used to make pixel art and still do from time to time for various projects. Looking forward to seeing this place grow.

Hi! I'm Leene. Nice to meet everybody! 2D artist/designer/indie dev

Creative director / artist for Death and Taxes..
Now making my first big pixel art game!
I have done so many pixel art game jams but I can finally take some more time for the pixel art! Excited!

Sup I'm The Duck in a Tux maker of all things pixel related
I am a hardcore gamer always getting those dubs while sipping some gamer juice and yelling profanities at noobs
I just make pixel art for funsies and to relax
That's enough from papa duck I hope you have a great day

Hello, I am creepertron95, I mainly do pixel art in my free time.

I do watch YouTube, cartoons or play games sometimes as well.
I listen to music every day.
I probably will start to learn and make games in the future too.

Hey! I'm Maru I've been doing pixelart since 2016 for fun and it is slowly turning into my part time job since I started posting and actively improving. I just love pixelart and landscapes, it is a safe space for me where I can express, share with people and do pretty stuff. I think this forum will contribute a lot to the pixelart community, I'm very excited to be part of it.

Hi, I'm Kiana! You might know me as @kianamosser.
You can see some of my work on Twitter, Instagram, my website, or

I've been pixeling on and off since 2003. I currently work as a developer in fintech, and in my free time I work on indie games and animated films. I also host workshops occasionally on topics in art and animation and moderate Pixelation.

I've always loved drawing, making games, and technology, which led me to pursue many disciplines including math, physics, computer science, and animation. I commonly get asked why I don’t just choose between art or science, but I believe that they’re two sides of the same coin and studying both can lead to a deeper understanding about the mysteries of life.

Welcome everyone! Glad to see so many familiar faces, and so many new ones.

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Hello my name is Racecar I have been making pixel art since sept 2020 learning coding and unity to make games


Hi! I'm Taks and I was the first one to comment here and now I'm not because I did it when the forum still needed changes and I'm salty about it LOL. Yes, I am aware this sounds like a youtube comment. I make pixelart and you can look me up on twitter and I hangout in lospec's discord server a lot. Cheers!


Hello! I'm Chris.

You might recognise me from the infamous Rejected Palettes website. It's okay if we don't get along at first - I'm not here to sow discord, in any case.

I also make pixel art and text mode/Commodore 64 graphics. I'm also helping out over at PixelJoint and at Pokémon Redrawn.

I'm not sure how active I'll be on the forums, but I'll probably be lurking most of the time, posting from time to time. Perhaps post about stuff on PixelJoint, CSDB, or regarding Pokémon Redrawn!

See you around!

@ckelsallpxls said in The "Introductions" Thread:

You might recognise me from the infamous Rejected Palettes website.

Glad to have you here 🙂

Hey Everyone! I'm Andrea Zevallos, also known as Sazdx. I'm a graphic designer, Illustrator and pixel artist. I work mostly as a freelancer, I make pixel art daily and post them and their video processes in my social media! Mainly in Twitter , Instagram and even on Youtube ^^. Edit: Oh, I also post them onto Pixel Joint as well ^^!

I've been drawing since I was a kid and I've always loved animation and videogames.. and I've always had a soft spot for Pixel Art and 2D art ^^ (Don't get me wrong, 3D is amazing, but I love 2D more XD). Big fan of Megaman, Zelda, Terranigma, Phoenix Wright and several other titles with great art and great stories ^^! Hope we can get along :D!

Heyo!! I'm barrels and I started doing pixel art in 2017 before I got into gamedev the next year 😄

I'm a freelance artist mostly doing digital portraits!
I enjoy a variety of media including music, anime, games, movies, etc~

Pixel art really got me hooked since I was a kid but only recently did I try my hand at it.

My favourite game is Summon Night: Swordcraft Story and it's probably one of the reasons why I love pixel art so much since I played it on my GBA back then before it died RIP
Harvest Moon: (More) Friends of Mineral Town and Pokemon are also big inspirations!

I rarely post art on my Twitter nowadays but I do have Ko-fi 😮

Here's my portfolio~ ❤

I'm so happy to see Lospec having a forum!! Brings back memories hahaha 😆

occasionally i'm pixelin', most of the time I'm trying to be casually vibin'

Hello! I'm Kandelen and I'm a beginner pixel artist. I used to mess around with pixel art some 10-odd years ago, mostly making Tibia sprites and fan art. I returned to pixel art earlier this month (June 2021) and have been trying stuff out and following tutorials.

I have only a Twitter and a DeviantArt profile right now, and can also be found on the Discord server.

Hello. I am Ricardo, a Mexican bass player and wannabe artist. I've been wanting to get into pixel art for ages and today I finally decided to get started!
This is my first attempt at pixel art and I decided to start by doing an isometric building because I feel it's the easiest way to get started (probably not).
I decided to do a small store with as most details as I could add (I know it's not much). I also don't have much sense of color so I did what I could with the color palette (first time, too) but I'm very satisfied and happy with my work. I'd love to hear any feedback!

Pixel Buidling 1@10x.png

@ricardo-lozano-ham Forgot to mention this was done in Adobe Illustrator lol

@ricardo-lozano-ham Hi! This is mainly an introductory thread. You could try using the Pixelart section of the forum or join the Lospec Discord server, there you have the #feedback channels.


hello! im poly and im a long time pixelartist who sometimes does pixelart and makes palettes 😛 im active on the lospec discord and soon i will be the person who has the most palettes on lospec >:)

I'm Khalmoon!

I'm a relatively new pixel artist to the community and I've been hooked for the last couple months. My main interest in pixel art is doing more with less. It always fascinated me how rich and catchy of a tune you can have with chip-tune, and how vibrant and descriptive a work of art can be with a few pixels.

I don't do much, but when I do it, I try my best.

Hello everyone!
I'm Gida.

My background is in Human Computer Interaction, and my big passion is Music.
Combine the two and you make me happy!

I started doing some pixel art in January, if I am not mistaken. I have no art background and not much time on my hands - but I still enjoy the learning process, and of course making some pixel art from time to time to relax.

I'm mtk, I started doing pixel art in 2019 and started doing small commissions in 2020. Currently, I do mostly commissions for game assets and twitch badges on fiverr and ko-fi.

Eclipse here, fairly new (1 year~) hobbyist pixel artist, and big time space enthusiast- links to all my socials in my signature, looking forward to being more active on here as the site improves!

Hey all!
I'm Rémy🍬, I've been making short lo-res games since 2015! I've been particularly prolific with the Pico-8 and I've been working on my own game engine since 2018!

I'm now one half of PUNKCAKE Délicieux, where we make and release a new whole game every month!

Lospec has been a wonderful resource so far, I can't wait for this community aspect to flesh out more!

Hello, my name is Robyn and I compose chiptunes and MIDI music, both for myself and for game projects. My primary focus for chiptunes is the Amiga, making authentic MOD music in OpenMPT and Protracker. I also use trackers such as 0cc Famitracker and Deflemask to compose songs for other systems.
Hope to see you all around ^-^

hi.. uh.. im a Pixel artist, Game developer and Chiiptune composer, dont really use my social media a lot, and.. well, Hi

Hi! I'm timesnewredux or you can call me TNR. Currently working in game development and focusing on commissions for my future career :>. You may view my works here!

I'm unfortunately not very active on Twitter, though I update my portfolio site very frequently. Nice to meet everyone!

Hola everyone!

My name is Sophie, I'm a pixel and voxel artist. Up until recently I've been working at an Indie Games Studio in Germany. Now I'm working on my portfolio and see what the future brings. 🙂

Lospec has saved my butt a few times when picking color palettes for artworks, so thank you all - and nice to meet you!