I'm New To This

Hello! One Of My First Works. Constructive Criticism Accepted
Cool Plant.png

Im not an expert in pixelart, but it tried to do something based on your work to show some of the things you could use to improve

so, first i thing the perspective its a bir unclear

The shading and color selection its in general something that affects a lot the quallity of the thing, color needs to change hue and saturation, but aparently you just used the same tone but more darker to make shadows, and the shading its also unclear, where its the light coming from? the pot makes me thing its coming from the front, but the roots makes me thing its coming from the side, if there are different light source, from example, the ones i mencioned, the pot and the roots should show it.

to end this, i also think some "post production" can help to improve the spritework, like a bit of dithering to add texture (and also make it seem more colorful with less colors) or external light effects

The big thing jumping out to me is the light on the flower pot. You have it as a single spot in the middle, but with the shape of a flower pot it would really be more like a line down the side, something like this:
New Piskel.png