Thawed Waters

Hi Lospec dwellers!

My name is Roman and we, as Crystallin Games, just started the active development of our game Thawed Waters - an animal rescue aquatic adventure set in a dystopian Siberian countryside during the flood of 2047.

The in-game mock-up has been recently completed and currently, we are prototyping with the 3D voxel boat, as the main object of the game in a 2D isometric world. Results will be posted on our Twitter account soon. You can find more details about the project there if you like the idea and style of the game.

Thank you in advance for your attention and feedback.

Mockup - first scene WIP.png

Looks awesome!

Nevah give up!!

Love that although it looks 3D, you can still that it's pixel art

@chirpy Thanks, I also think our tandem of artists doing great so far!