Lospec Has a Forum!

Due to the sudden influx of users caused by the creation of Lozpekamon Lospec now has a forum! Take that PixelJoint! 😁

@pixeldud Actually Lospec has had a forum for a while now, this is just a reinstall.

@pongles Huh... didn't know that.

@pixeldud it was a secret to everybody

@pongles Ah... except you.

@pixeldud Naw, I barely knew about it. It was mainly Skeddles and Adam.

@pongles Adam... this Adam?

@pixeldud That, or Adam Savage. One of those two.

@pongles I'd like to think Savage, but the pixel artist makes more sense.

@pixeldud maybe they are the same person, have you ever seen the two of them in the same room?


@pongles I haven't seen the artist so I have no point of comparison.


gvhb this
gvhb that

@adam Yooooooouuuuu!

@adam Oh, hi!