Poker Cards - part 3 [NEW CARDS AND THEIR QUALITY]

Hello, guys!

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For ppl who don't know what I do: I have made my own pixel cards to spread them around the world in the future.
Here, I am going to divide this topic into several parts to post new updates


In October, I got the cards from the biggest factory in Russia. And, yes, they are of excellent quality! Let's see them in detail :ayy:

1634238160115 1.png

Poker cutting standard of 63,5mm * 89 mm


Perfect fabric printing

Frame 7.png

1634335510614 1-min.png

Cardstock with LINEN*FINISH on both sides for a better shuffle

1634334700988 1-min.png


  • Pleasure in touch
  • Perfect slide

VUdW9WptctY 1.png

Lifespan and resistance

When you buy a deck of cards, you get:

  • Special CASINO CLASSIC cardstock with a LINEN*FINISH

  • Perfect touch & slide

  • Original gift for You & friends

  • A BONUS CARD signed by the author

Now my plan is:

  • The giveaway for people who live in Russia and CIS. During that time, to understand how to sell and deliver to customers worldwide
  • Start selling to Russia and CIS
  • The giveaway outside the Russia and CIS
  • Start selling to any part of the world

Wish me good luck and wait for new posts!

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