Favorite colors

What's your favorite color and why?
Do you have multiple favorites, or do you find having a favorite colors to be a stupid and inherently illogical practice?

Positive reinforcement is one hell of a drug.

Obviously, there is no sense in choosing a contextless colour because there is chromatic adaptation. A context could mean:

  • Specific illuminants under which the colour is observed
  • A specific palette which interacts with the colour under specific illuminants
  • Something else?

That said, people memorise a number of illuminants they frequently encounter. Moreover, many get used to thinking of colours in context of those illuminants and consider some colours pleasant or not with no context references, which sometimes is a cause of colour-related communication issues even without considering psychological preferences.
Anyway, let this be my current choice in my implicit colourimetric context:

My tastes are always based on a strict foundation of logic. In times like these I think to myself, what would Aristotle's favourite color be? The inevitable conclusion: this shade of orange. My proof is stands at 74 pages (single-spaced), soon to be submitted for publication.


It's a nice shade of red.

orange is my favorite color overall, though I've always been quite fond of the Nord theme

bc519d36-4ac4-44b5-81c1-ae930ab61d15-image.png - 9117c9a4-e8e6-492f-91f1-227b7ecc2cdf-image.png - 34541ac8-f1f4-4f23-8c54-469e5ce48dbc-image.png - 45905eb0-2345-47b6-971f-9d625085eecf-image.png

I like a lot of colors and I don't have any favorite shade but my 2 favorite colors overall are yellow and pink they don't go together very well though.




Green, in some cultures, has a strong tie to nature and growth. It reminds me of looking into woods, and inspires a calmness in me.

Black! I like darker shades and atmospheres in general too.

my favourite colour is blue. all my sweaters are blue, i always draw myself in a blue sweater and if i'm ever playing a board game, my first choice for a game piece is- you guessed it- blue.

my club penguin avatar was brown

e4 e5 Ke2

I find having a favorite colors to be a stupid and inherently illogical practice

that said my favorite color is red



Brugendy, or cyan blue

@kingworrell Green aswell.

Pink and Purple, though I've been using the latter more when it comes to art. I don't think there's any reason of why I like them, I just think they're pretty nice.

neon pink and blue, their just so bright i love em

Nevah give up!!

I can't choose only one, but I really like red, white, grey and black

Of course green

@pixeldud said in Favorite colors:


#6a914a, i think is a great color


#4f9657 it's a nice shade of green, i like it 🙂

I absolutely adore emerald green, but I also usually gravitate towards earth and jewel tones.

slateblue because it looks nice.
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rgb: (106,90,205)

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@hey backrooms game It's a nice shade of red.

I like navy blue. because it resembles the sea of colors, I like the sea of sight.

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I actually second @cdaddr 's favorite color

Though, I'd be happy with most any shades of orange