Is there any way to view your liked palettes???

I made an account just so I could save some palettes that I liked and be able to look them up for later reference. I thought that's what liking a palette was for, when clicking the heart icon. But I can't find those liked palettes anywhere.

@darth-stevenus idk, I also want to see liked palettes so that I can use them later.

i made my acc for the same reason and am experiencing the same thing, if anyone knows how to view liked palettes i'd love to know

This is literally the reason I created an account too, seems like a must-have feature really. For the time being I'm just adding them to my browser bookmarks, but it would be nice not to have to do that.

Yeah, to me this seems like a big feature to miss. If it does exist it needs to be made more obvious.

I agree, I thought there was this feature before, but if you could just change the pallete tag you are looking for to "liked" that woul be awsome

it just got added :0