Dungeon Crawler Old School style game

Hello artist community --

I'm programming a Dungeon Crawler Old School style game (like Dungeon Master for example).

I started the engine, it's on [AMOSPRO].

I'm creating this game for fun on the real Amiga with the real graphics of the time. For those who don't know, the Amiga community is huge and insanely active, it has never ceased to exist thanks to the life-long fans of this machine.
I am looking for a collaboration with one or more artists to realize the graphic part in pixel art. It's about the interface part first, then the rest (creatures, objects, ...).

The environment would be Steampunk, Nemo, nautilus, Cthulhu...

It is an adventure between enthusiasts, lovers of real retro art and knowing the games of the time.

About me :
I got into computers in the early 80's with the great 8-bit machines (Lazer, Sinclair spectrum, Amstrad CPC, commodore 64), I discovered the Amiga 500 in 87 and it was a revelation. It is just the most magnificent range ever created. I went through several 500,600,1200 ranges, did ASM68K and AMOS programming, E, Blitz. Unfortunately, I had to sell everything (1200 +Blizzard 1230, SCSI, CDROM...) at the time.
I've recently returned to the Amiga in real machines, and I'm developing on AMOS and maybe later on Scorpion Engine if this system is developed and gets a documentation.

Fan of SF, SteamPunk, Jules vernes, Octopus, Fantasy, Dark, Gothic, Lovecraft.