Too Much Spam

I'm sure everyone can see that "General Discussion" is filled with spam threads with titles like:

"Buy Green Xanax Bars Online Overnight Delivery | Buy Green Xanax 2mg Online",
"Lucknow Escorts Services|Special technique and skill involve when Lucknow escort make love",
"Adderall XR 10mg Discount up to 25% At Onlinepainpills".

While I fully understand this is general discussion these are clearly spam advertisements, along with many others.

These spam posts really make the forum feel tacky and not welcoming.

Does Lospec need moderators? I would be happy to be one and keep it clean of these obtuse advertisements.

A report feature might go a long way as well.

@v3x3d I agree it puts the site off brand and takes away from the discussion at hand.

I would rather not see these things, ruins the quality of the site.

At least have related products if they're going to post this stuff.

its a forum, there is gonna be spam like it or not, just ignore it and move on

@le I mean, we all know spam happens. That is beside the point, this is spam of a greatly distasteful amount, and type.

Large amounts of spam posts with medication and sex isn't going to attract the useres of Lospec to using it's forum. This is objectivly bad for what Lospec is trying to be.

While I don't have the data, I can take a guess that this type of spam does nothing but scare off new Lospec users, at least from the forum.

It doesn't have to be this bad, some simple moderation options (and maybe some moderators) would clean it up like many other forums.

Hi vexed, yes, I don't really have enough time to moderate the forum, and we could certainly use some additional moderation, so I will gladly add you.

I thought that I had figured a way to stop letting accounts post without a Lospec account, but either they found a way around that, or are doing it manually. I will look into that as well though.

@skeddles Thanks Skeddles, glad to see this issue get attention. I hope some good solutions can be found. As for now, I guess we just do it manually.


@v3x3d I've been added to the moderation team and plan to check on spam at least once a week. I'm aiming for a daily scan though.

@pixeldud @skeddles We just got a handful of spam posts in General Discussion. I think I'm a moderator as it says staff under my profile. That said I'm not sure on how to remove these spam posts.

Edit 1: Nevermind found the option to delete topics. I'll be removing these spam posts.

Edit 2: Do I have the option to go over content I have deleted, like a review page?

@v3x3d I've found the best way is to go to the authors profile, click more, then Delete Account Content. This way if they made multiple posts it will delete them too. Then you can ban the account so they cant post any more.

I haven't found a way to see previously deleted posts.

@rose-ward1 We have got it cleaned up now, it should stay under control.

Heyo! Just found this post. Skeddles made me a moderator a while back. It seems like there was a new wave of spam since your guys' last cleanup, I wiped it again though.

The number of spam comments needs to be limited. The more spam you read, the worse you'll feel.


Skeddles put a up a post queue system before he made me a mod, so any new comments will be screened before they're actually posted. If you see any spam comments from before the queue system, please flag them.