Low poly 3D apps?

Hey, everyone!

First of all thanks to the creators for this wonderful website, and especially for palette list. Anyway back to the topic...

Got a couple of questions:

  1. Anyone here does low poly 3D art? I really want to get into it. I know about apps like Crocotile and Picocad. Are there any other apps to start with low poly? Is Blender good for it?

  2. More importantly... what's the best app for low poly 3D on iPad? I got iPad Pro 2021 and take it everywhere, using Procreate for sketches and Pixaki for pixel art. Having 3D app on iPad would be ideal since it's the most powerful device I have now.

Examples I am interested in making:


I'm asking specifically about low poly 3D, not voxel.


blender is great for it, there's lots of advanced tools the others might not have. despite not being specifically for low-poly, a lot of modelling starts with low poly, so it's still well-suited. its also roaring in popularity right now, so there's tons of tutorials and options. its also great for rendering. (oh and check out our recently released blender toolkit)

the only other i think you should check out is blockbench, which recently improved it's low poly modelling tools. its especially suited for pixel textures.

as for ipad, I'm not sure. I haven't ever found a good 3d modelling app for mobile, though I have android.

ultimately i recommend trying out each one and seeing which you like best. a lot of the skills you learn will be transferable, and knowing the differences between them will help you understand them better.

The advanced features included in blender make it a superior choice compared to competing programs. While it isn't designed for low-poly particularly, it's a good fit because many models begin with low poly. its current popularity is through the roof, thus there are many resources available for 2048 learning it.