Rules of the Jobs / Commission Forum

This forum is meant for users to post any openings for jobs that they are offering, as well as to request commissions or other work. Any advertisements for jobs or work that are posted here must contain the following information:

  • Whether or not the commission will be compensated - you can easily indicate this in the post title, by adding [PAID] or [UNPAID] to the beginning of your topic title.

  • If the job is a [PAID] job, list how much per hour, or an overall total.

  • Contact information for the one requesting - make sure to list multiple methods as well if possible, such as email, Discord handle, Twitter username, etc.

  • A clear, well-written statement detailing the request - Make sure to detail the name of the company or the individual that is offering employment, as well as the title of the project or commission. If possible, add other relevant information, such as the timeline for the project, number of hours required, etc.

  • A description of what exactly you are looking for in terms of talent or position requirements.

Job offers and commission requests are NOT limited to any of the main Lospec categories of art, either - you may offer any type of creative job here, such as coding, programming, digital painting and illustration, etc. - just remember that the overall personnel of the forum will most likely be working in one of the Lospec-related media.

Those who are interested in the job offer or commission are free to either post in the topic with their relevant information for the reply, message the original poster, or contact them at one of the contacts they have listed. If you are posting a job offer, you can also specify how'd you prefer clients respond - on the forum, or over direct message.

Any topics that do not contain the information listed above will be locked until they are appropriately tagged and detailed. Thanks!

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