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Hey everyone! This is a thread where you can post WIP palettes before submitting them (link) to get feedback. This is not the official verification process, but rather a space where you can get comments to help you get approved when you do submit.

To those posting feedback:

  • Please keep responses constructive and as helpful as possible for the submitter.
    • YES: "Color A and Color B are too close in value/hue." Or, "Try making Color A darker and cooler."
    • NO: "These colors are useless." The point is to improve, not to put others down.

To those posting palettes for advice:

  • Please make sure to read the rules listed on the palette submission page (link). Try your best to meet said rules before replying, but we will help you meet them.
  • Please format your post as follows to match the submissions page as closely as possible.
    • Palette Title [REQUIRED]
    • Colors [REQUIRED]
    • Example image (464 x 120)
    • Hashtag
    • Description

Having an example image is strongly encouraged to demonstrate the strengths of your palette.

Vibrant Pastel

yea I'm trying to make my first palette I want it to have a vibrant yet pastel-y look appreciate all feedback you have I am also thinking of making this a 64 color palette


Vibrant Pastel
yea I'm trying to make my first palette I want it to have a vibrant yet pastel-y look appreciate all feedback you have I am also thinking of making this a 64 color palette

@race-car-69 What you have is a good start, the spheres look solid and I like the subtle hue shifts. Like you said, this would be more generally useful (which you'll want to meet Rule 1) as a 32 or 64 palette where each hue has its own ramp. And you'll probably also want a neutral dark color for outlines. Feel free to update your post as you add more colors.

So I Added a few more colors for the neutral grey stuff
I also want this to be a very Purplish Palette


feedback appreciated


@race-car-69 I was originally thinking something closer to black in value. Add that in and try making outlines for each sphere to see if it works. This warm black from Resurrect 64 is a good example, but you could make something cooler if you like.


lmao hi, so i already submitted this palette ( but it’s been in queue for a couple months now. i thought it was versatile with strong color ramp, but i was wondering if i could get any feedback? i want this palette to reach its potential.

i named it fartgator for the funny and stuff, you think the name is ruining its chances for approval?

examples where i’ve used this palette:
162FBA7B-CC6B-427C-8006-7FC7F3155B44.jpeg 52EAB8EA-F7F5-4415-823D-BF1ACF122A72.jpeg

thinking about it, the name fartgator is probably a good reason to not approve. any ideas for a better name, maybe alligator themed?

@alligator07 That first example is very solid, I'd highly recommend exporting/cropping it to 464x120 and attaching it to the palette page. That will help its visibility/approval a lot.

And changing the name certainly wouldn't hurt haha. I mean if you like you could always call it Alligator-7. Get that name brand recognition.

@alligator07 the palette and example are both very nice imo 🙂
I like how the orange interacts with the light green, maybe it could have a slightly higher value to increase the contrast between the two a little bit? But I think that's just a personal preference

DanceTeam 28 (#danceteam28)


This is my first pallete I tried to experiment with and make. I was inspired by rhythm games such as DDR to make this (Hence the name and arrows). I was going to post here to ask for feedback. I wasn't sure if there were any close colors. I placed the full pallete onto the image. The preview is kind of a work in progress (a few things I need to fix on it).

@creepertron95 Do you have an image with just the colors of the palette? A bit easier to visualize it for me that way. Once you have one, just edit it and tack it onto the post.

@juniperdusk The pallete itself should be tacked onto the post now as a separate image.

@creepertron95 Example is pretty good overall, it's a nice take on showing the different ramps in shading that goes with the theme of the palette.

The first thing I see that could use a little work is that the second lightest "red" shade is very close to the darkest "orange" shade. I'd pick a distinctly more red hue for that color to make it still useful. Or just remove it to lower the overall color count.

For example, I could see you organizing this into something like three ramps of larger hue shifts: red to orange, green to blue, and purple to pink. Might help you to knock out some of the similar colors.

@juniperdusk I followed your feedback of merging the ramps and I managed to knock out 6 colors from the original palette, tweaked some of the colors, and lightened the grays. I now call this palette, DanceTeam 22. I just have to recolor and make a few adjustments to the example before I submit this, though.


(Edit: Do you think I should add 2 more shades of gray to make a complete 24?)

(Edit 2: I have further modified the 24-color pallete, darkening the lightest green and 3rd gray. I have also modified the preview.)
Example with shadow:

I've been working on this palette for a game I'm making. It's a shmup with a rainbow powerup mechanic so it needed distinguishable ramps in every hue including making sure indigo can stand apart from blue or and violet, etc.

lospec preview.png

I started by stealing a handful of key colors I'm fond of from the MSX palette and a couple of colors that are based on the PlayChoice 10 NES palette, then I built out from there over the course of early work so far on the game.

72 colors. I'm pretty new at this but I like where it's at so far.

Wing Sabre Palette Ver 1 analysis.png

@ash-wednesday Looks pretty great! I like the shifting you have in those ramps, and the saturated light tones. If I might give some CC on the palette example, the broken outline on the wings works better in some ramps than others. I think that's because in some it works as AA where the midtone is between the light tone and the background, in others it's a bit too dark. Do you know whether this will mostly be on a light background or a dark one?

@ash-wednesday it's looking very nice, maybe you could merge a few colours? For example that bright red near the salmon-ish orange and the colour on its right are quite similar and you could optimize them a little bit

I'd also rebalance a few ramps if possible, sometimes there's a peak in saturation or a quite big distance in contrast while the don't. For example:
Here that saturated blue doesn't connect very well to the light blues on the right in my opinion, I'd try to find a better middle ground.

Last thing, I can't really tell with my eyes but these grays don't seem to have a slight hue in them (aka their hex value is made of the same digit)
I'd try to give them a more visible tint, but I think that's really up to you.

Overall, I really like the palette, it has some unexpected hue shifts in the middle of ramps, which would probably make for some interesting accents in the art made with it. Keep it up 🙂

Palette: nice69 #69ShadesOfMoreThanGray

alt text
alt text (made with the Censor analyse tool)

Description (more or less finished, lol):
This palette consists of handpicked, recherché colors, whose hues were tested and ripened in the sultry heat of anticipation of over 420 dank days. The fervently beaming tints snuggle each other on tight colorramps, forming an interlocking set of diverse colors. Predominantly focussed on light, vibrant lightwaves that penetrate your lusting eyes, arousing your ticklish and sensitive photoreceptors. Yet zealously optimized for versatile use - especially passion projects, that highly saturate your thirst for pixelated pleasures. Each color was deliberately named to get (at least) your creative juices flowing /wink.
Today, nerdettes and gentlenerds, I present to you: The lovingly crafted, the climactic opus magnum of my oeuvre: The nice69™!!

I'm working on this palette for over a year now, and while I made a lot of progress and learned a lot regarding color theory and pixel art for itself, I still feel like there are still too many open problems with this prototype that I have to work on. :awkward: Namely:

  • If you pay attention to the analysis, there are still a lot of "close colors", especially the 10% brightness-match are an eyesore to me. It just feels like lost potential/efficiency. The 70% brightness-match one can be disregarded as "bridges" between colors I guess. The problem is: If I try to shift the certain colors away from each other, the whole ramp they sit on has to be moved again, causing other colors to get closer to each other. What to do?
  • I feel like I have too many unnecessary turquoise (between blue and green) shades, while there are too few or the wrong low-saturated purple to cherry-colored shades. When doing a yellow to purple ramp for a day-night contrast it's a struggle finding connecting colors to form a nice ramp. But I'm too afraid to change the composition of colors so deep into development. Too much can be broken with so many colors, so I should rather stick to refining the general tints I've chosen already, right?

ALSO: Please help me decide a logo! I mean, I already have a favorite one, but still I may change my mind, so feel free to share your opinions. :ayy:

Many thanks in advance!! 🙂

Restrictions summon creativity!

@marcomics, the colours look really good, and the art is nice!
Some recommendations:

  • For close colours, remove one in a pair instead of shifting entire ramps to preserve the general structure;
  • Once you have a few free colour slots, populate these with purples or whatever else you desire. Maybe there could be additional orange shades as well, or a variant of violet with more chroma;
  • Whether to exclude certain turquoise shades, I can't say. It can be one of palette features, and it looks fine to me.

Concerning logos, I'd recommend one of numbers 12 (but there're many similar logos already) and 13 (could benefit from making it a bit bigger).

P. S. By the way, keep in mind that palette examples on Lospec shouldn't contain any text except for palette name.

@quickmarble Thx for the quick feedback and compliments!

Hmm, I guess there is no other way around repurposing entire colors, huh? ... Even if that means a lot of re-structering work on the ramp-diagramm, that would solve two problems, so I might give it a try.

Yes, logo I quite like logo 12, too, and the idea is to scale the chosen logo up by a factor of two (or repixel it, if it doesn't fit).

What do you mean by "shouldn't contain any text except for palette name"? I think there is an description field for each palette. Also the Staff-member @juniperdusk that created this posts, mentioned to include a description and hashtag. 😮
Oh, now I get it... :x Thanks for the heads-up, don't really want to remove all the text, we'll see.

Restrictions summon creativity!

Hey, I've already completed the KMonster MSX 1 (TMS9948) palette. My example image got rejected for some reason. Have a look! Didn't I manage to create a bad or repetitive image? Maybe was that image not personalized for pixel art?TMS9948-Examples-2x.PNG Any recommendations for this example are welcome!

@michael-rutherford I think the above point with less text applies here. The name of the palette is usually fine, but anything else is a bit excessive. In addition, there's just a bit too much going on here to be quickly useful. The point is to give someone taking a glance at your palette an idea of what can be done with it, rather than a full guide.

What I would do personally to reduce clutter: I think you could either increase the scaling of the sprites or make larger ones to occupy more screen real estate, and maybe leave just the gems. Then, give the name of the palette a bit of a fancier rendition. See Fantasy24 for an example of what I mean.

@michael-rutherford hi! You could have a look at some other palette examples for inspiration. This one ( used a single piece as its example, this one ( used many smaller pieces, while this one mixed analytical info about the palette with a game mockup (

The info you have at the moment is very useful, but it takes too much space: I'd only keep some of that data and add more art to the example. The sprites you have on the bottom left corner are a good start imo.

@michael-rutherford You did copy those hex-cubes from Space Sandwich.:awkward:

So here's my first attempt at making a palette. I wanted a warm, semi-monochromatic ramp to recreate some artwork in pixel form. Ended up going for 5 tones instead of 4.


@ash-wednesday I know this post Is quite old, but I love the idea of a PC-10 inspired palette, and I think I might expand on this idea! ; )

I Present To You... PC-66!4a1b0cd2-0f68-4f73-bd6a-b7fd12cbd2e4-image.png A Palette Inspired By The Bright Colors Of The PC-10 NES Systems!

so i tried to recreate a technique used by the NES called color emphasis to create an extended famicube palette, plus the luminosity values
(to emulate to the best of my ability, put the color of your choice, usually a solid color, use the adjustment, photo filter, click off, preserve luminosity, and set opacity to 25, change color to color of choice.)famicube-1x (1).png

Brightness GPY
yes, this only has 3 colors