Lospec Jam 1


We've been getting requests to host a jam for a long time, so we decided it's finally time!

This is a medium-length jam which takes place over 2 weeks.

Games and Apps

For this jam we accept both low-spec games AND apps! Games will be judged based on fun, while apps will be judged based on usefulness.

Console Restrictions

Lospec Game Jams will center around the restrictions of an imaginary game console, the details of which will be released when the jam begins. For the most part this will be a strict palette and resolution, though later ones may have more restrictions.
Polish over Potential

We encourage you to create a polished, complete game/app, rather than an ambitious prototype, even if that means going for a much simpler idea. Clones of existing games are allowed, but no copyrighted material is allowed.

We highly recommend you aim to have a complete working prototype done in the first week, and then spend the second week polishing your submission (fixing bugs, adding extra screens, adding small quality-of-life features, etc).


At the end of the jam, your entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Fun / Usefulness - Games will be judged purely by how fun they are to play. Apps will be judged on how useful they are, and how easy they are to use.
  • Polish - We will be looking at how complete your game/app feels. Bugs or missing features will cause a lower score.
  • Art - The overall quality of the visual art, music, sound effects and GUI design

Submissions will be voted on by the public, but the final ranking will be determined by our panel of judges.

Once the jam is concluded, all submissions will be embedded onto a web page on Lospec.com in order of their rank, so people can play them all in one place.

Learn More / Join the Jam:

Feel free to use this thread to ask questions or find a team!

This post is deleted!

I'm looking for musicians. The entry will be an app, not a game, but there's a need for background music and sound effects.
Contact Azathoth#1893 on Discord.

We will be releasing the results in a while, we have to decide the winners

Good Job Skedz.