Welcome to the Lospec Forums

Welcome to Lospec Forums!

For years, there’s been a huge lack of a place for low-spec artists to come together as a community. Pixeljoint’s forum has long been outdated, and Pixelation’s activity has slowly come to a halt. Pixel artists have mostly made their home since on various Discord servers, and on Twitter, but Twitter really only offers a method of presentation, and lacks functionality for any sort of improvement or critique to be offered. Lospec has come along and totally changed a lot of this - artists of all types have been coming together through Lospec’s mainsite and Discord community, and many of these artists helped contribute to the Lospec Gallery Kickstarter, which is coming right along!

Despite this, the lack of a place to store knowledge, to have critique and feedback, and to have long-form discussion seemed at odds with the goal of an art community, so we decided to create Lospec Forums. With Lospec Forums, we aim to build a community, not just for pixel artists, but for voxel artists, chiptune musicians, low-poly artists, and even “high-spec” arts, like digital painting and music production. Here on Lospec, you can share any of your work in these fields for commentary and critique, and using the #tag system you can tag your topic based off of what kind of feedback you’d prefer! Feel free to post topics with work in progress pieces or anything that you'd like critique, commentary, or discussion on. You can also chat about anything in General Discussion, so feel free to start topics on video games, news, or anything else that does not fit the other Lospec sections!

We also have prepared an independent game development section for those working on games to share production updates, sneak peaks, or post their work for insight, feedback, and discussion. This section is a work-in-progress, as we may expand it according to the community and the amount of interest that follows the section.

There’s also a collaboration section, wherein we will hold many of the Lospec collabs that have been traditionally hosted on the Discord beforehand! And that’s not all - you can also start or pitch your own community collaborations there.

The jobs and commissions forum is also a work-in-progress for us - we want developers and programmers to be able to utilize the forum to offer commission jobs, and we’re basing this forum off of the Pixelation jobs forum, but we hope to expand and improve upon this functionality in the future - perhaps even being implemented into Lospec itself.

The forum is very new - so we only have myself and skeddles as administrative staff right now - and both of us are very busy. Skeddles is working on Lospec Gallery and the main site full time, and I work full-time as an art professor. As such, we are also looking for contributing members to add to the staff team to help moderate the forum and help guide the community. Juniper has joined the team as a moderator, and hopefully we can have some others join her! You can apply here.

So, once again, welcome to the forum! Help us get started by posting some of your work, or by having some general chat in the General Discussion forum!

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