What make Pixel art special in your opinion ?

what make pixel art unique and cute ? in your opinion , talk about what have made pixel art special and alive for all these years .

In my opinion I love how it's possible to make beautiful art with such a restrictive art form.

I think it is unique because the pixels are the most simplified form of digital art, that's why it brings so much people with different backgrounds to a same place. The most intense collective feeling that it brings is nostalgia, but it is not the only one for sure since this art form can be super flexible to our eyes in a digital world and can make us feel fear, tenderness, tranquility, etc.

Even outside of pixel art communities, it's generally agreed that limitations inspire creativity in ways that total freedom does not. Pixel art has limitations built in by design of the medium, so I feel that draws a lot of people in. It's also a great way to learn how to imply details in few strokes, seeing as the resolution limits us - pixel artists that are able to evoke rich texture and fluid movement in the low resolution we have are quite impressive.

It's also a very fluid in the sense where it's easy to iterate, where you can always edit it exactly how you want to - you can always retroactively edit a stroke and it'll look OK. There are cases in illustration where if a stroke doesn't look right, you'll have to redo the whole stroke instead of just being able to fix a pixel here or there.

For me, it's the versatility of pixel art. You can create sprites, backgrounds, large painterly compositions, realistic portraits, cartoon characters, animations, etc. - and the crispness of the medium only adds to that. No art form, in my opinion, looks better than crisp pixels on a 1080p screen. You can fine-tune SO many details that you can't in other mediums with pixel art, and every single pixel makes a difference - clustering your pixels one way can completely change how a piece looks at 1x.

Pixel art also is accessible by all - you don't need money for art supplies, or to purchase a certain software - you can just start pixeling. That's how it started for myself, and a lot of my pixel art friends and colleagues - we just opened up MSPaint on Windows XP back in the day and started slinging pixels around.

The retro / old-school aspect of it as well is inspiring and enjoyable, but I only see that as an added bonus.

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For me it has to be the look and retro feel. I love seeing everything people create with all different types of pixel art clusters. The limitations also can force you to be creative which leads to style development and artistic skill.