Poker Cards - part 1 [The beginning]

Hello, guys!

For ppl who don't know what I do: I have made my own pixel cards to spread them around the world in the future.
Here, I am going to divide this topic into several parts to post new updates :ayy:


1.5 month ago, I started drawing my own pixel cards to make a small card game with my friend. When I finished, someone advised me to print them and it was a very cool idea but hard, as well. For 3 weeks, I was looking for printing services, negotiating a lot on terms and conditions, fixing the card's sprites to make them suitable for printing. Now, I have an idea to sell the decks, but before that moment I have to spend much time to plan everything.


On Friday, I got a new deck with another plastic material which is a little more solid than the previous one. Anyway, now I know what the characteristics of the product are the most suitable for sales. :ah:




Now my plan is:

  • The giveaway for people who live in Russia and CIS. During that time, to understand how to sell and deliver to customers worldwide
  • Start selling to Russia and CIS
  • The giveaway outside the Russia and CIS
  • Start selling to any part of the world

Wish me good luck and wait for new posts!

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Very nice! Making my own deck of cards has been a long standing dream which I've never acted upon, it's inspiring to see you bit the bullet and actually pixelled and printed a deck. :ah:

Selling a product is not easy, so I wish you a lot of good luck!

I want! If these were available to buy I'd be buying them right now. They are so cool!

Good Job Okee!! :ayy: