Background collaboration

Since it has been around a year since my last BG collab, I have decided to re-draw my station in order to include some new features, like my laptop and keyboard area. This will be an edit collab, so you can do minor changes, like cleaning a pixel here or there, or do something big, like including wood grain textures on my desk!


    1. 1 claim per person, per every 6 hours, this is to ensure that everybody can equally participate.
    1. Keep the colors to the Famicube palette, this is just to help reduce lag on certain editors [Notice: this rule might change if people are having too many issues]
    1. Keep the image scale the same. If the image's scale changes a lot, users won't be able to add to it with ease (and I would have to spend hours making fixes).
    1. PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT change the filetype to anything but PNG, JPEG and PDF compression leaves artifacts that can ruin a sprite easily.

Extra info

  • The lightcycle BGs are simply meant to be used as placeholders, you can change the BG with your claim or implement a window on top of the BG
  • This was designed to use the 16:9 ratio, so it can be upscaled
  • The final version will be posted on DeviantArt for others to view and use for free

Collaboration image

JamesTDG - Lead Dev of Alternate Worlds Entertainment