Adding pictures on mobile devices?

Since drag n drop doesn't really work on a phone, how do I post pictures here?



Looks like if you copy the image and paste it, it uploads it for you automatically. It seems slightly lacking in the sense that if your phone doesn’t give you the “paste” option it won’t let you add the image even if it’s in your clipboard, so it would be cool if there was a normal “upload” option too.

Doing this from my phone to see if it works.

Edit: yep, just hit the button that looks like a page to upload anything from your files or photos.

652C75C4-2A3F-4F6F-9328-81EC39FC2D54.png E41DD169-D3D2-4FE4-9F67-0882398177E4.png

bc519d36-4ac4-44b5-81c1-ae930ab61d15-image.png - 9117c9a4-e8e6-492f-91f1-227b7ecc2cdf-image.png - 34541ac8-f1f4-4f23-8c54-469e5ce48dbc-image.png - 45905eb0-2345-47b6-971f-9d625085eecf-image.png


Ah ok, I didn't see that I could scroll the icon bar to the right

If I use the rightmost page icon it just adds code to the post. I have to use the image icon left to it to upload a picture

code_text![Pixel Dailies -  Cotton 071021.png](/assets/uploads/files/1625955415777-pixel-dailies-cotton-071021.png) 


Uhm, now that didn't work. And I cant edit my post? I'm using Android here btw.

Ok I can edit, but the button for that is below the visible part of the screen so I have to scroll down to see it.

Pixel Dailies -  Cotton 071021.png

PixelDailies - ComputerGlitch 070321.png