Suggestions, Bug Reports, and Feature Requests

This is a general thread for you to report any bugs that you find around the forum, offer suggestions for how to improve or iterate on the forum, and to request any sort of addition to the forum software (if it is feasible or within reason, haha).

The forums are still very new and in progress. Skeddles is continually working on all aspects of Lospec, including the forums, so there are no promises in terms of getting to your requests immediately, but this is a good way to see what the community would like out of the forum, and what you all might think is currently missing!

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Is it possible to add tags for threads?
Usage example: In the art boards, you could have threads tagged with “Finished”, “Critique Wanted”, “No Crit”, “WIP”, etc.

Maybe differentiate the “Portfolios” section and the “Job Listings” sections. A way to differentiate OPEN/CLOSED, and AVAILABLE/NOT AVAILABLE for work would be useful.

It’s always useful to have a sticky or two with guidelines on what information to include in your job/portfolio listings and what fair pay is.

@kiana Yeah, tags are already implemented actually!


At the bottom there - you can include them whenever you post a topic.

As for the job section, there is already a post regarding rules and example posts:

We haven't decided what we want to do regarding jobs and portfolios yet - as posts start to eventually come in I suppose we'll determine how we want to separate and arrange things. I'm not sure how active that section will be!

bc519d36-4ac4-44b5-81c1-ae930ab61d15-image.png - 9117c9a4-e8e6-492f-91f1-227b7ecc2cdf-image.png - 34541ac8-f1f4-4f23-8c54-469e5ce48dbc-image.png - 45905eb0-2345-47b6-971f-9d625085eecf-image.png

@adam said in Suggestions, Bug Reports, and Feature Requests:

@kiana Yeah, tags are already implemented actually!


At the bottom there - you can include them whenever you post a topic.

Oh I see what the deal is, I think the layout is slightly broken on mobile - the text gets cut off:
Screenshot of the New Topic page where the tags section is getting cut off slightly

The Jobs sticky you have is great, but I was thinking a sticky with some additional info along the lines of the business guide Pixelation has, maybe with information about some common confusions like resolution, and guild rates in similar industries to the games industry (illustration/animation/tech/etc.) to help give artists and clients a good idea of what fair compensation is.
I find myself having to explain the same business concepts over and over to artists and clients alike in all pixel communities so a centralized place to link people would be really useful.

Grunge Shift has bee uploaded twice!
First as:

Then as:

I very often get a 'sessions mismatched' error, even though I never have to login again after that

Or this one:

And this one:


Images hosted on lospec are only temporarily shown on the post, see here:


Less spacing between sub-forums on the forum home page, so that I can see all subforums without scrolling. And is there not a feature to show if something new has been posted in the subforum since the last visit?



When I open a save file in the editor, the palette isn't there and clicking the "+" button doesn't add colours. Is this a bug or am I just doing something wrong?

This feature may already exist and i just haven't found it, but if not could there be a way to ''mute'' a thread that you've replied to à la Twitter? Continuing to get notifications for dozens of comments after your own could get to be quite annoying. Also a small possible bug report would be the ''Watching'' and ''Sort by'' buttons being unresponsive in the Pixel art section.

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@hapiel You're viewing the temp image, just used for display, which get deleted every hour. For a permalink, click this button:

alt text

Then on the page that opens, right click that image get the URL from there.

Right now it's not possible to upload GIFs, which seems like a pretty necessary feature for those creating animated pixel pieces. Hopefully, it's something as simple as adding .gif to the allowed file types.


Notification doesn't vanish unless you click it.


@juniperdusk added gif to the allowed upload types

Not sure if this has been mentioned or If I just haven't used Forums in a while, but I can't see what I'm replying to if i'm accessing Lospec Forums from Lospec, I just noticed that If i view it externally, I can see what I'm replying to.

@khalmoon Yeah, there definitely seems to be padding issues all around. Unfortunately I am inexperienced with CSS and coding in general so skeddles usually takes care of those things - but he is super busy with the gallery and mainsite at the moment. If anyone in the community is experienced with CSS/coding/general forum know-how feel free to shoot me a PM or Discord message.

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@adam If I come across anything I'll happily throw a message over, I appreciate all the work being done to make this a reality

It would be helpful to have a more visible 'mark all as read' tool for notifications and unread posts

JamesTDG - Lead Dev of Alternate Worlds Entertainment

The "search by name" bar should be way more prominent, I intuitively expected the the "search by tag" to be a normal search bar and used it for months, getting weird results which resulted in me resorting to Google searches till finding the other bar. Also the ad-hoc results should be navigable through the up/down Arrowkeys, and opened with Enter of course. If none of the results is highlighted a press of Enter should lead to a results page which shows ALL of the results, currently you get a maximum of 10 results through the popup, which is quite restricted..

Also, when replying to a forum post, the messages/editing boxes shouldn't be way up. It's quite confusing the first times and even if you know it, annoying to scroll up every time.

Restrictions summon creativity!

Bots spamming is a serious problem, what can we do to make it more difficult for them to do so? Is it possible to add a captcha and/or verification email when creating an account? Till that happens, I'm doing my best to remove any spam posts or accounts I see.

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