How many pixel art comics have you met?

Not so long ago. And to be honest, for the last three years, I have been looking hard for pixel art comics in different timelines, countries and in different formats. Ranging from the works of Joe Ekaitis and the comic book Shatter, to Unomoralez and the comics from Joe Sparrow, and our years. This phenomenon is becoming more and more popular, and its relevance is only growing. Therefore. What does this mean to you? What kind of comics did you meet and did you know about pixel art comics? Not SPRITE-comic. Although the border is clearly blurred.

To be honest i didnt know this was a thing, but im a fan now!

I've only seen sprite comics personally, while I'm sure fully original, pixel art comics exist, I haven't been exposed.

IDK, I look at a lot of Pixilart comics, soooooooooooo

Can you guys link some? I've actually never seen any pixel art comics at all, I've only ever read one webcomic years ago that was a sprite comic that had some custom sonic sprites