[Finished] The Pit Stop at Psyg Service Station

The R9 from RType and the Vic Viper from Gradius pop into to the Psyg Service Station for a bite to eat!
Done in Pixaki on an iPad Pro, 640*480 64 Colours.
Landing Platforms Done.png
Landing Platforms R9 Detail.png
Landing Platforms VV Detail.png
Landing Platforms Top Detail.png
Landing Platforms ST Detail.png
Landing Platforms MrD Detail.png

Sick! I love all the references hidden in here, my favs are Akira and Blade Runner 🙂

@juniperdusk Thank You 🙂 Did you get all the Blade Runner references, there is a real obscure one in there!

Yoo this is awesome!! I love all the little references scattered across the piece :ayy:
Amazing job

Nevah give up!!