my palets suk 😞

Making such posts won't improve anything about that. There's no single valid method of making art or palettes, but one thing that can be definitely improved is self-esteem and will to learn. Please post your palettes in the palette Feedback thread and see if people can help you!

Don't give up, we're here to help you! As spritergors said, there are people willing to give you advice in the Feedback thread.

I'm sure it will put you on the way to get some palettes into the Palette List! 🙂

Ditto the sentiment above. I'm not 100% sure which palettes are yours on the list, but I like your idea of adding more colors to existing palettes for practice. Evening32 is especially nice to look at.

If you're looking for feedback on how to go about improving, continue on. Otherwise, disregard. I'm not an expert but this is just what I've observed from using a lot of palettes and making my own for pieces.

I'd say to improve you should try picking an entirely fresh set of colors by hand. Start out with a small number, as that's easier to keep controlled/balanced. Anywhere from 4-16 would be good.

Post in Feedback once you have something working and I'll make sure to reply as well!