Palette Example Requests

One thing I've been thinking about with regards to the palettes system: there are a lot of palettes on the queue that would be approved if they had an example which demonstrated their strengths. For clarification, an ideal example not only makes good art with the palette, but also shows that a variety of good art can be made with it.

Are there any palettes you see on the queue that you think are strong but simply lacking an example? Please drop a link to the pending submission here. I'll try to edit this post and keep a list of the current priorities.

Those who want to create examples can optionally reply to this thread with your WIPs for feedback. The format should be 464 x 120. If it seems like it gets a good response, or you're confident it will get approved in the first place, make sure to submit it. Once it gets approved, I'll remove it from the list.

If this proves to be something with high demand, I might post to collaborations regularly instead.

Make examples for:

I really like the colors in Warmth Island, seems like it would be a good GB-like palette with a bit more AA potential with the extra midtone. Might try making something for it this week. might be good, I'll test it when I have time but finding the time may take some time, so I'm posting it here for now.