Aseprite Starter Setup

This pack is to help with your Aseprite workflow and to set you up for success! To get started, download and unzip this folder, then follow the various instructions.

Theme Credits

Edit > Preferences > Extensions > Add Extension
Navigate to this folder, select a theme and click "OK". Then select it in Aseprite and click "Open Folder".

Go two folders up in your file viewer and now you can just drop the rest of the themes into it!

Screenshot from 2022-09-28 21-58-47.png

#2. Edit > Preferences > Themes
Double click the theme you want to try, then click "apply" if you want to use it.

Palette Credits

Script Credits

Once you have Export Tools in the scripts folder,
File > Scripts > Rescan Scripts Folder

You should be good to go!

Minimalist Keyblist
A personal setup of mine, it seriously speeds up my workflow!

Edit > keybind Shortcuts > Import > Navigate to the Minimalist Keylist.aseprite-keys file and click "OK".


  • File

New = [
Save = ]
Export = \

  • Edit

Undo = = R
Redo = T

Copy = 1
Cut = 2
Paste = 3

Delete = Backspace, Del, U

Replace Color = N
Outline = J

Canvas Size = Tab

  • Frames

Toggle Union Skin = Q
Previous Frame = W
Next Frame = E

Frame Properties = Space+Q
New Frame = Space+W
New Empty Frame = Space+E
Delete Frame = Space+R

  • Layers

Layer Properties = Space+A
New Layer = Space+ S
Layer Visibility = Space+D
Delete Layer = Space+F

  • Tools

Eyedropper Tool (quick) = A
Swap between Eraser and Pencil = S
Move Tool (quick) = D
Lasso Tool (quick) = F
Paint Bucket Tool (quick) = G
Hand Tool (quick) = Space
Contour Tool = H

  • Pencil Tool Mods

Switch Colors = C
Set Ink Type Shading = V
Set Ink Type Simple = B

  • Misc

Straight line from last point = Ctrl+click somewhere else
Change Brush Size = Shift+mouse wheel

Set Color Selector = 9 through 5 for the various selectors
Switch Edit Palette Mode = X


Any thoughts or suggestions? Please comment and let me know! I will be working on Starter Setup, and will probably post the next iteration sometime in the future!