How can i sort a colour pallet

hey, i opened a bunch of sprites in Asprite so i could save out the colour palette that they used. This is from an old video game so i could use similar colours as i attempt to create new assets for it from a blender export.

Anyway, my colour vision is not 100% (which is why im not a electrician 🙂 ) and i would like to have these placed in order so that when im looking for a red, they all in a row from darkest to lighted side by side.

Is there a automatic way to do this, as i just tried one by one in asprite and found several colours that look the same to me (which could be my colour vision) playing tricks on me 🙂

The pallet i did rip i have saved on my, well i guess its more of a blog site these days since im logging my experiences 🙂

Would love to know what my options are here.


I attempted to make a palette sorting algorithm once, but it was much harder than I thought. I'm not sure a good one exists, most of the palettes on Lospec were sorted by hand.