how do I choose a good palette for a larger scale project?

I am currently working on a game with some friends, but I can't decide which palette I should stick with. I've been looking for a few days but I can't seem to find one that might fit. I am also worried if I choose a palette with not enough variety it would severely limit the game's final outcome and graphical look; primarily, what would be a recommended palette size for a game?

for context, the game genre is idle and it's themed around ores and underground mining, so a few shades of some more vibrant tones with primarily earthy tones is what I'm aiming for. Any words of advice for finding what I'm looking for, or possibly palette recommendations would be great. Oh, and if it's of any help, Aseprite is my weapon of choice. Thanks!

Heyo! I'm somewhat new to pixel art myself, but I've been using the Apollo palette a lot and I think it's probably a safe bet for your project

If you need more colors, then you might need to make your own palette

I'd be happy to do more research and get back to you with some resources / advice on how to do that!

I feel like a 32-color palette of some sort would work well for this sort of thing, even though I rarely use 32-color palettes.

The four best matches I could find for your description were:
Aerugo by Lizalot,
Fictional Computer OS by Toby_Yasha,
Toadstool Village by TheBathtubFish, and
Mr. Cool Juicy Fruit by Zero.