The Ideal Game Boy Palette (?)

Here, try to make a better universal game boy palette than this (#242424, #2492b6, #ffb692, #ffffb6), post results here by recoloring the example image.
No greenscale or monochromatic palettes, please, this is a colorization attempt
Most palette examples courtesy of the user SoundsDotZip.
Based on the screenshots, most Game Boy sprites use the "white", "light gray" and "black". Many of these sprites represent red, brown or yellow things, so the light gray and white have been assigned apricot and light yellow respectively.
In real life, blues and greens are much more commonly found on inanimate objects and features, so the "dark gray", which is much more common on the background layer than on sprites, has been assigned a slightly greenish blue.
The palette also attempts to cover a vibrant range of colors while still being easy on the eyes.