Card Deck Collab 2: 2Card-Deck2Collab

We're doing another card deck collab!

We will be creating an entire 52-card deck. Here is the template for each suit:
card template 2.png
Replace the number 10 with the correct rank of your card. Make sure you do it on both sides!

If you want to get cracking on a card, check if it's available here and then request the card below or on Discord. You can have one card reserved at a time and can do up to 4 total.

*The palette is Thanksmas 16
*You may note that the palette is on the right of the template. The larger colors are the main colors of the suit. You can use all the colors of the palette, but make sure you art prioritizes the main colors.
*Your art does NOT have to fill the entire black box on the card. It just has to FIT INSIDE it.
*You art should relate in some way to the rank and suit of your card. How is up to you.


After you've done that, have fun!

Post your cards here when you are finished

@braquen can i have the ace of diamonds?

I'm interested in doing the king of clubs!

Could I get the ace of spades?

Ou lit, can I get the Queen of Diamonds?

Dibs on the joker.

Hi, I'm good with any random card, but I would like to do a 5 of diamonds I think! Thanks!

@revereverevere1 @chromegnomes @icezeekay @jellyshouse @terffy You got your cards!

@googroker which joker do you want? The red or the black?

2 of Hearts if you don't mind

Is there a time limit?

@swagshaw no real time limit. You got your card!

The clubs joker seems neat, I might pick that one to do. (I will work on it next week though...)

JamesTDG - Lead Dev of Alternate Worlds Entertainment

could i have the king of diamonds?

@tdgjames what do you mean by clubs joker? Do you mean the Jack?
@isagamer-studios sure thing!

May I have the two of clubs? I have a great idea. 😁

@spearsdracona done!

Can I nab the Ace of Hearts?

"Control reality" - Inspirobot

@kethofchaos I dunno can you?

Yes you can.

seven of clubs still available?

Interested in the red joker can i do it


I'd like to grab the jack of diamonds, please.

@pixelspud @race-car-69 sure

can i have the queen of hearts?

Lemme take a quick look through the reds/hearts, should be somin good

I'd like the 9 of hearts plz

Just asking for a quick clarification of the rules

@braquen said in Card Deck Collab 2: 2Card-Deck2Collab:

*Your art does NOT have to fill the entire black box on the card. It just has to FIT INSIDE it.

Does this mean absolutely no part of the art can go outside of the box? I'd assume so, but I don't want to miss out on what could be a really cool composition because I was being too literal.

@spearsdracona yeah the art stays in the box, don’t go outside of it

@braquen with how you formatted the sheet, it is possible to have 2 extra Jokers. But if I am wrong, I will take the red one.

JamesTDG - Lead Dev of Alternate Worlds Entertainment

@tdgjames a standard card deck only has two jokers, and racecar claimed the red one

I'd like to see which cards are taken or not. Mind listing what's currently available? Update them too from time to time

Edit: My bad. Didn't see the embedded link.


I'll take the six of hearts, please!


@braquen Yo I'd like to do King of Diamonds please 😄

9 of diamonds small.png

here's mine! sorry it's kinda late lol