Pixel Dailies

So I've found @Pixel_Dailies to be a really good way to improve and also to get some attention on posts when you're starting out.

However, I've also noticed some limitations to doing everything within a day for a new theme. You don't get a whole lot of experience putting in lots of details in a larger composition unless you have a ton of time to dedicate to it. It's also hard to come up with new characters/designs so I often do fan-art or something pretty simple.

For those who have or are doing them, what are some pros/cons of pixel dailies that you've found in your experience? Are there things you gained from making the shift to doing larger, long-term pieces? Is your solution to get better at doing things faster, or do both daily practice and long-term work?

P.S. This is the most complicated daily I've ever done and there's still definitely areas I could improve with time (the clustering on the clouds for example, it looks a little flat/lacking in detail).


I've been doing them for the last few days and have really liked them for practice, while doing longer projects at the same time. I guess they complement each other. Longer projects are good to care more about the details and go more in-depth, while the dailies make you see the big picture to make something quick. They also give some daily variation to practice different things and approaches, while longer projects can kinda make you go into tunnel vision for a while.

I also like that, the dailies being something public and that many people do, I can compare what I did to what other people are doing and figure out what I could do to improve and such.

Pixel Dailies are very good when you're starting out. It helps you get going, which is the most important thing. It helps you build the habit to make pixel art. I participated in pixel dailies when I started out, although not quite a lot.

I think I've been improving a lot when I started doing my own things and steal studied/broke down other artist's works. Giving feedback (a skill you should definitely master) to others also helped me notice what I needed to do to improve my work.


As others have mentioned, Pixel dailies help get people started and also helps their name get out there to interact with the community. However the main thing I get out of Pixel Dailies is art which sounds obvious but when I'm in an art block (which is a lot of the time), being provided with a prompt sometimes gets hidden creative juices active. Additionally, I find it fun to browse what others have made and see how they interpret things.

As someone who started doing pixel art a few months ago, having a place to check daily for inspiration (or to get some practice input) is great!
I tend to check Lospec Dailies the most, as there's also a suggested palette.
Going through others' creations is also part of the fun.