What are your commission prices for your pixelart?

I've just charged whatever comes to mind in the past, however it doesn't seem that beneficial all the time, I usually charge 5-15$ for emotes and like 50 to 80$ for a big piece or animation, in the future I would like to charge hourly. What about you?

A few considerations for pricing:

  • knowing the minimum wage in your country, so that you know what you should be paid at the very least
  • knowing the pay grade or pay bracket of your job, taking into account years of studying+working in said job or industry
  • knowing if you'll be dealing with your own currency or a foreign currency, and as such, know the approximate exchange rate
  • experience is a factor in pricing: the more experience you accrue with clients and projects, the more leverage you have to charge more
  • knowing the rights you keep/give away to the work you make for your client
  • freelance work ebbs and flows; rates may seem inflated, but that's intermittent working for you

I personally think that Hourly is the way to go for custom things, and whatever double the minimum wage is in the area is what I go for with Graphic Design commissions.

If it's something that is mostly templates, like a custom name banner or a recolor of a patterned design, then I just charge a flat rate + extra for any additional changes that need to be made.

My system is based on an hourly rate thing, the general price ends up being ~$25 for 4 hours of active work.

JamesTDG - Lead Dev of Alternate Worlds Entertainment

Currently my rates are at 20-30$ per hour depending on the scale of the project, however I plan to raise once I have enough experience for myself and more commercial pieces under my sleeve.

I'd probably go at least $25/h, though I really prefer to work for single predefined price, because I suck at staying on a single task for a whole hour and recording my times. When I have a single price it forces me to work faster as they longer you spend on it, the lower your hourly earnings go. I think it's also easier for indie devs to control how much they're spending.