Metavaxx, the cellular minesweeper-shooter is out not! 🔬

Hi everyone!

Motion Twin co-founder Benjamin Soulé and myself are forming up PUNKCAKE Délicieux, and we're releasing a whole new game every month as part of a Patreon subscription!

We just released our second game: Metavaxx! A minesweeper X shooter hybrid where you are tasked to train the ultimate vaccine! Here is the trailer for it:

It features:

  • 🔫 tight shooter action
  • 🧩 classic minesweeper thinking
  • 🤔 strategic decision making
  • 💪 25 different body samples to cure
  • 🧬 20 unique upgrades to choose after each level
  • 🥼 6 laboratories giving you a unique boost for your playthrough
  • 🎲 randomized gameplay for considerable replayability
  • 🎶 chiptune music by the amazing Pentadrangle
  • 📝 name your own vaccine (and the game)

Metavaxx is available now on Itch io for 6$, or you can get it by subscribing to our Patreon for 3€ before we release our next game next month!

And here are a few screenshots!

weird biphasic gameplay at the intersection of puzzle games and action games!

25 different body samples to cure!

it's not so gross when you forget that you're inside body samples!


Looks really cool! 😮

I checked out your profile and I actually remember DRILLVINATION from LD48!

Good stuff 🙂

In the forums I have found, the geometry dash has good ideas for people to entertain and find interesting things.