what is your favorite palette?

I have that doubt between you,
I love the FANTASY 24 palette
a palette with very beautiful colors that I use a lot to make pixel art.

What do you think? fantasy-24.png

@manuadvance Fantasy 24 looks nice, very warm. Not sure I'd be able to use all those browns and reds though.

My favorite general use palette, and the one I use the most often is Sweetie 16 by GrafxKid. I'm big into the aesthetic of fantasy consoles and limited palettes.

For higher color, illustrator-y work I often start with something general purpose like DB32 and use a subset, adding my own colors and tweaking them as I go.

Not necessarily my favorite one, but the first palette I started using: Mort vs Zughy and enjoyed doing so. Cartoony vibes without being TOO saturated and aggresive.

Restrictions summon creativity!

Very interesting. I Wish to see much more like this. Thanks for sharing your information!
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Lately my favorite palette is Apollo pallete by AdamCYounis. I cycle favorites over time, for a long time it was just AAP-64. I find that apollo just makes it easier to find interesting lighting and the results with it are usually satisfying